Terra Vista Avenue



An empty gas station parcel has been turned into five new mixed use buildings, currently under construction. Each structure will have ground floor retail, office space, and two new dwellings. Our office worked with the neighborhood to create buildings that will bolster the community, and be a bright spot along San Bruno Avenue.

Inner MissionInner Mission

Inner Mission

New 4-Story 12-Unit Residential Building in Eastern Neighborhoods Impact Area

• Subdivided from potential historic building, and fully compliant with Urban Design Team’s guidelines
• Features high ceilings and front stoops on ground floor accessible units
• Large upper floor units have great sunlight exposure and views of downtown from common roof deck
• Unanimously approved by the Planning Commission with 6-0 vote
• Common garage accessed off of side street
• Shadow study complied with Prop K to avoid shading of adjacent Franklin Square Park

Bayview – 3rd StBayview – 3rd St

Bayview – 3rd St

Currently undergoing review by city agencies, this project will bring up to 54 new units to the Bayview. The ground floor will include several retail spaces, and is designed to emphasize the location on the T-Third MUNI line. Our office is helping to coordinate with the OCII, the Planning Department and several neighbors to help revitalize this vacant lot.

Russian HillRussian Hill

Russian Hill

Currently under Planning Department review, this project will add 5 new dwellings to an under used Russian Hill lot. Across the street from Ghirardelli Square, this modern design echoes the adjacent Victorian Buildings and the stone tower across the street. The commercial corridor will be enlivened by two new retail/commercial spaces.

Miraloma ParkMiraloma Park

Miraloma Park

Three similar single family dwellings were designed for these steeply sloping lots. The project included a lot line adjustment to create new parcels, including approval from the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors. Each house features 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a large kitchen, and a basement social area open to the rear yard.

Outer RichmondOuter Richmond

Outer Richmond

This new four story, two unit building just raised the bar for family sized units in San Francisco. The lower condo has 3 bedrooms, the upper unit has 4, and each unit has generous kitchens with spacious decks. The project involved the demolition of an unsound shed structure, and the full entitlement process.

Noe ValleyNoe Valley

Noe Valley

A renovation of this house had already begun when we started the project. Our office worked with City Departments to get the required permits, and added a new top floor. We tailored the plans of the unique triangular lot to the needs of the owners, who ended up with a great family home.



This immaculate remodel upgraded a run down single family house into a modern showcase. Plans and elevations are designed around views of the Golden Gate Bridge from every story. The completely remodeled and retrofitted space exhibits a full chef’s kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and a new roof deck and penthouse.

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